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BLOG — white


As the cooler months creep closer, fur is starting to make an appearance. It may be hard to wear your fur with a dress when your goal is a more casual look. Simply whip out your puma trackies, pop on our 'HUGO' or 'TIE ME UP' crop & chuck on your fur. Finish the outfit with some scrappy casual heels or your converses (depending on what look you're going for) & knock em dead You'll thank us later #NEEDYGIRL x   IMAGE: NAKED VICE
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Yellow shades have been an all round fav for the whole summer so far. They make any outfit stand out and look hot! We're also digging embroidered patches as seen in this image. Source some patches from your local fabric store, add them to your vintage denim jacket + wear it over any of our dresses! HOT, HOT, HOT   IMAGE: VAMFF AND SOURCED FROM 'TESS HANAHAN'S' INSTA
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Stuck for a party outfit? Or simply want an easy look that's still hot? Grab your bf/ dad or brothers white shirt; UN button the first few & chuck on some gold or silver necklaces, & baby you're almost good to go. Finish the outfit with our white or black 'CRUZ' pants and you'll be the stand out of the night we promise  IMAGE: 'MONSIEUR BLONDE JEWELS'
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No matter the season; no matter the colour- a Cap to finish off an outfit is always the way to go. Be daring, wear a tight dress and add a Cap
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It's festive season; which means lots of parties. Be the stand out by layering up a classic dress like the 'MILA'. Add a coat/jacket or crop top over the top of the dress and you have a new outfit for every party
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